Professional Cleaning

Eliminate long lingering pet odours for good!

Are you fed up of that foul smell? Do you need a smell eliminated for good?

Well go no further because Ellie and Oscar’s have teamed up with local Professional Cleaning Company, Rising Stars Cleaning, who can get rid of all those hard to remove smells around your home.

Unpleasant Smells are caused by a mixture of chemicals released from proteins, bacteria and organic material and if left untreated they will reproduce and spread further.

This leads to the odour increasing and making it difficult to contain and eliminate. Rising Stars Odour removing strategies eliminates odour’s by locating the origin of the smell and eradicating the problem from its source.

Rising Stars Odour Removal Service uses Ozone to eliminate odours within apartments, houses, hotels, factories, houses, retail outlets, commercial premises, healthcare establishments and food preparation areas.

The use of a shock Ozone treatment within your house will eliminate all traces of cigarette smoke or pet odours. Ozone shock treatments can also be used for fire smoke restoration, helping you get your home belongings smelling clean and fresh.


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Rising Stars Cleaning are locally based in Sandwell.