Dog Home Boarding

A great cost-effective and flexible alternative to boarding kennels!


What is dog home boarding?

Dog home boarding involves your dog or dogs coming and staying with us in our own home while you are away. Your dog will be surrounded by all the creature comforts it gets at home with you. They will be walked, fed and fussed. They will essentially be part of our family for the duration of their stay.


How is dog boarding different to dog kennels?

At any dog kennels, your dog is invariably going to be living in a small cell isolated on their own for the majority of their stay. With our dog home boarding service, your dog is free to roam about, get exercise, fuss and all the other things that makes them feel happy and safe at home.


Is home boarding costly compared to kennels?

We attempt to keep our costs competitive to kennels, whilst offering a much more individual service for you and your dog. A typical night at a boarding kennels in Wolverhampton can cost £15 to £20. If you are late picking up your dog then you may be charged an extra night for the priviledge. Our standard charge of £20 per 24 hours allows greater flexibility and is only marginally more expensive than a typical kennel price but with a host of additional benefits.


Ok, I want to try it out. What do I need to do?

Give me a call on 01902 762731, text me on 07834374181 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I look after a host of dogs all throughout the year as well as having reliable cover options for when I am on holiday. You will be able to visit my home and please bring your dog so that you can see if they are happy in their potential new surroundings. If everything is ok for you then let me know when you are planning on going away and I can help ensure that you enjoy your holiday in the know that your dog is content and happy in their 'holiday home!'


Don't just take our word for it, below are comments by some of our customers......


"Rob has been looking after Theo for a number of years now, while we take both short and long breaks. I can remember the first I left him and boy was I nervous! Rob made me feel right at ease by explaining to me how his body language was showing that he was really excited to be around his dog, Oscar, and that if you as the owner try and project a confident image, your dog will be more confident and well-rounded as a result. We watched as Theo and Oscar bombed around Rob’s garden and felt much happier when it was time to say goodbye. Rob sent us a text message later on in the evening to just say how things were going and how Theo was settling in much better than we had expected! We now have the luxury of taking a break and not having to worry about whether or not Theo is pining for us. By the way he pulls on his lead to get to Rob’s doorstep I don’t think he really even cares we’re leaving him anymore!" (Elaine with Theo, Merry Hill).