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Puppy Package

You can't stop thinking about it can you?! You have a picture in your head of that little ball of fluff you would really love to make a part of your family havn't you?!

So what now?

Bringing a puppy into your home can be one of most exciting periods in your life. It is not without it's worries though. What if it cries during the night? What if it doesn't want to eat the food I've given him? I don't understand why he keeps chewing everything!

Our team has collectively brought up and fostered many puppies and can offer a range of suitable solutions to your problems and queries.

You may be at the start of your journey picking out potential breeds or you the little bundle of joy may already be with you. Either way, come and pop in to see us for a chat and we can point you in the right direction if your unsure of anything.


We understand the importance of socialising your puppy and getting them confident and comfortable with new surroundings.  

That is why we offer:

Free nail trimming for all puppies 6 months and under - drop in service - no appointment required.

Free 'getting to know us session' - come and spend some time with us and let your puppy have a wander round the studio so that they can get used to the new sights, smells and sounds - give us a call on 01902 331020 to book a time to visit (our 'getting to know us session' is not just for puppies - any dog however old is welcome).

Free puppy bag filled with sample bags from our lovely suppliers and useful information leaflets.