Sunnyside Kennels


Ellie and Oscar's have been working with Sunnyside Kennels since the summer of 2011 when we were invited to take a stall at the annual fun dog show. 

If you are thinking about having another dog why not pop down and see if any of the guests fit what you are looking for.


''Sunnyside Kennels received a dog named Alfie who was so badly matted it would have taken most of the day for the staff here to groom. With staff caring for so many dogs, the hours needed to de-matt a dog in his condition would have detracted from the care available to the rest of our dogs. So, a decision was made to send Alfie to Ellie and Oscar's. 

Ellie and Oscar's expert groomer made such an excellent job, when we recollected little Alfie, he was totally unrecognisable from the unkept urchin we had taken in that morning. Alfie had been groomed to such a high standard that you can no longer tell he has ever been neglected," Karen Doy - Manager of Sunnyside Kennels.


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