The unusual world of Harrods Pet Kingdom

I went on holiday the other week. Did one of those City mini break things in our fine capital of London. Aside from the usual touristy stuff I took a little time out of my social diary to visit the Pet Kingdom Department at Harrods.

My my how the other half live!

Upon arriving, the only way in was seemingly strategically linked extremely closely to the kids Disney Department - excellent marketing exercise by the person who came up with that by the way.

Nearly stopping to inspect if Donald Duck was actually a real duck or not, the magic entrance to Pet Kingdom presented itself to me!

Upon first inspection I was quite impressed. Vibrant colours and nice looking things I could get my teeth into! The bakery section with iced cakes, fish and chip flavour biscuits and even popcorn is enough for any dog to salivate at.

However, once you get into the nit and gritty of what is actually in the Pet Kingdom, one is left quite disappointed.

To be honest, there isn’t actually an awful lot of useful stuff here. Where are the harnesses to stop me chonking on my throat when I try taking my dad for a walk? Where are the coats to stop me getting cold when out and about on the town? Yes they do have blingy hoodies, which kinda look pretty cool but the thin materials used on them are never going to help me one jot.

There didn’t seem to be anywhere to get an ID tag done – a legal requirement for all of us to have by the way. Neither was there any great selection of foods and for that matter treats. Apart from the cookie stand, the few treats they do stock are a miss match of brands you can find down your local supermarket. Not knocking your local supermarket but this is supposed to be Harrods! Didn’t stop them sticking an extra quid onto a box of Pedigree Markies though did it!

Unfortunately I have yet to tell you about the worst aspect of my visit. I put my head to a series of large glass windows to be confronted by those horrible little puppy things that people decide to concentrate all their efforts on instead of me. There was no mum in sight and nothing of real interest for them to do in that little room of theirs. Even though I hate puppies, I’m not entirely comfortable with them being used as some kind of circus show to entertain and enthral the unsuspecting viewers.

No, Harrods decision makers listen up. You have failed me and my fellow canine’s big time! Please don’t try and teach our owners that buying us a £150 diamond studded collar that weighs more than my own head is a good idea for our little necks. Please don’t try and convince your visitors that because you sell bags of sizzler treats at double the RRP somehow they are of good quality and please try not to make out that buying a pedigree is the more desired option when buying a dog. Yes pedigrees can be great but by the very nature of their breeding lines, they require extra attention and financial input for the genetic health problems that many carry, which must be brought to the attention of the prospective buyer.

If you are in London I wouldn’t say don’t go and have a sniff round. Just don’t expect it to be a place with the best interests of your pet at heart.

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