The man from the council

I don’t know about my other canine chums but I follow my dad round 24/7. Am I scared I might get left alone, like my last owner did to me? Or, maybe it’s because I just love being with him so much? The answer is probably a combination. To be honest I just like being around someone, I’m not so good on my own, it just gets a bit boring!

I just wish I could live a bit longer. I know my dad will be sad when I have to depart this strange world but I know that we will have spent as much time as possible together lying on the sofa, going for walks, visiting my other doggie mates and seeing the rest of my family. I will have made sure of that!

I do feel a bit sorry for those dogs who don’t get the attention that they need as life is short. I know only too well. My previous owner tied me to a lamppost in Leeds and just left me! I was there a while and was pretty cold, hungry and thirsty when some nice people came and helped me out though.

Then, I was an hour away from the needle at the rescue home because nobody had come to get me in time and they needed the space! Then, my dad thought he was going to be picking me up and I contracted some silly virus, which meant I had to stay in the kennel for another two weeks while I got better! In the end everything worked out ok but it just goes to show that you need to embrace the time you have. You never know when it will be your turn to say goodbye.

Wolverhampton has had to say goodbye to two greats this week. Steve Evans – the man from the council as he liked to describe himself became the first person in the Civic Hall’s 75 year history to give host to their funeral. A magician and comedian in his own right, Steve made friends everywhere he went. His comedy interests led him to meeting and then forming a long lasting friendship with Frank Skinner. A Wolves nut and a Baggies nut, who’d have thought it!

Steve gained a huge following on Twitter over the past few years, way more than I’ve managed to get! His description of life with a terminal illness helped others in the same position to become more at peace with their condition. He was an inspiration to thousands.

Steve, a lifelong Wolves fan, wasn’t the only Wulfrunian that we’ve sadly said goodbye to this week. Former Wolves, Walsall and England goalkeeping star, Bert Williams, was given an inspiring send off on Wednesday. I wish Bert would have seen my Wolves coat, it gets me a few smiles while I’m strolling down the street I tell you!

Life is short and even shorter for us dogs so try not to waste it!

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