School Holidays

Aside from my duties in the studio, I also play host to my mates when they come round to stay. 

Many come and stay at my house while their owners are away on holiday. Others may only come for a night or two while their owners are working, whatever the term ‘to work’ means!

I’ve been managing my own home boarding service since I arrived on my dad’s doorstep. Well that’s not strictly true, dad was looking after dogs well before I arrived on the scene. I like to think I have enhanced the service for all involved!

The subject of holidays brings me to this week’s news. Many of you will be aware that this week the government set in motion talks to set caps on what holiday companies can charge during school holiday weeks. I think this is great! For too long parents have been penalised for doing the right thing and taking their kids on holiday only during the designated holiday periods.

The only ones to suffer in the long term are the children who are taken out of school for a week or two for their ‘holidays.’

If you’re thinking about going on holiday or need to go away on business in a hurry give me dad a ring at the shop on 01902 331020 and your dog can come and stay with us!

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