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One thing is for sure, I can’t seem to go anywhere without someone telling me about this Truth About Dog Food programme on Channel 5 tonight. I check my Facebook wall, I check my Twitter feed, I so much as breathe on my e-mails and there’s another newsletter to tell me about it!

So what’s the deal?

Well, as a dog with significant experience of eating I can tell you in no certain terms that a better quality diet makes me healthier and happier. There is the end of the lesson. I could go on about kibble sizes, fish this and chicken that but ultimately our bodies will search out of a line-up what is best for us to function properly. Think of it like a 6th sense that we have.

The problem occurs when certain foods with candy like properties in them confuses us dogs and you humans. We get addicted to stuff exactly the same way as you do, whether it be healthy or not so healthy. Certain pet food manufacturers have used this to their advantage and put addictive stuff in their not so healthy pet food. We lap the stuff up and you think this is great because we are eating well.

Unfortunately over time it’s not doing our bodies much good and because it’s so addictive it makes us forget about our natural instincts to rout out the essential vitamins and minerals we crave for. Not trying to be too blunt, some of us die a painful death because of it too L

The Truth About Your Dog's Food is on Channel 5 @ 9pm Thursday 30th Jan 2014.

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