I'm a big baby

I’m a baby or at least my dad thinks I am....

Actually he has a point. I whine like a baby when I desperately want something. I lead a simple life exactly like a baby. I don’t cook, clean or look after myself particularly well. If I were to be left to my own devices in the house for a couple of days who knows what chaos I could create!

And this chaos spreads to our brain too! Because we aren’t like you humans, we simply don’t have the brain capacity to think much about what we do before we do it. It’s not like we woof to the other dog across the park, ‘’no don’t worry about that ball, I know it’s yours so I will just leave it there for you so you can play fetch nicely with your owner.’’ It’s just not going to happen! An ever so slightly moving ball and I switch to single minded chase mode - winner takes all!

I’m definitely the baby in the family so what happens if a little human comes along that replaces me? Well, chances are I’m going to be jealous for a while. I don’t think this makes me a bad dog, just one that needs to get used to the new family member and get used I will but it will take some time and patience on your part.

So, if you are in the position of having a new human arrival and you’ve got one of us at home, give them some fuss too because they will feel neglected and won’t understand why. In time they will realise that the little human is part of their family too but please be patient, it doesn’t just happen overnight.

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