Blowing away the Christmas excess

Happy new year everyone. I hope you’re holidays were as great as mine. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a holiday all the time but us dogs also have our own timetables....

....crammed full of rushing through opening doors, helping sculpt out that memory foam for dads head to nestle into and making sure that all visitors pass the pat the head test.

As it is a new year, you will all probably be making one or two new years’ resolutions. Healthy diet? More exercise? We can help! We will be your running mate. We will be there to egg you on when you don’t feel like it. You can even help us help you by making sure we are both eating a proper, nutritional diet that will make us live forever!

There’s plenty of different healthy and delicious pet foods that you can buy us. Just ask my dad or Asta for some sample bags, they will be more than happy to give you a selection of scrummy flavours. The more attention you pay to our food, the more you will know about the nosh you stick down your throats too!

My new online store where you will be able to view everything our shop has to offer from the comfort of your sofa is nearly complete. To keep updated please follow our new dedicated online store Facebook and Twitter pages.

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