I’m an avid lover of all things balls.

I cannot help it. My dad thinks it’s great when he gets a ball out for me to play with – he calls it my invisible lead! I’m also a keen fan of tennis, namely for the tennis balls, they just have so many for each match, it’s like my head is exploding every time I hear that pitter patter of squeaky trainers on the telly.

So this week, in no two parts to one of my mates wanting me to write about it t0o, I’m talking about balls.

To the ball connoisseur there are a couple of key factors to consider. Does your dog look after their stuff like me? I like the Kong Squeaker tennis balls. They have a nice little squeaky noise to them when you chomp down and also come in a few different sizes plus they are easy to spot with their fluorescent yellow attire.

If they are the destructive type then the traditional tennis ball just won’t cut it. You need to get them something solid like the Classic solid rubber ball. It’s completely solid all the way through and will last a lifetime. The only problem that some may find with it is that it’s a bit heavy for catching in your mouth but that doesn’t bother me one bit when down the park.

If you’re after something a bit different Becothings produce a ball that is all wobbly so when it bounces on the floor you have no idea which direction it will bounce to! This is great as it keeps my little brain whirring!

Last but not least, if none of the above takes your fancy try the Da Bomb. It’s technically a cross between a ball and a Kong. There’s a nifty compartment to load treats into and when you chuck it, the motion activator inside the toy sets off a whirr like sound! If you want to see it in action pop in the shop and we’ll show you!

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