Meet Rob

Robert Buka (owner) (canine first aid trained)

Rob started out in the pet industry by setting up Wolverhampton Pet Sitters back in January 2007. Still very much running today, services include doggy day care, cat and small animal visits and dog and small animal home boarding.

Rob's idea to start Ellie and Oscar's was the result of experiencing many different problems with feeding and washing his own dogs, Ellie and Oscar. "Both of them have sensitive skin that can be set off when coming into contact with shampoos containing harsh ingredients and when eating pet food containing different artificial additives and colourings.''

When we first had the dogs, we were complete novices and simply bought what was on the shelf at the supermarket. We thought that we were doing the best for them. Very quickly though, we noticed sore itchy patches on their bodies and pads, awful smells coming from their backsides and also big fluctuations in their behaviour. They would often change between a state of high alert to a sudden collapse in their energy levels. After some initial research we found out that by simply changing the food that they were on went a long way to solving their health problems.

The same went for pet shampoos that we were using to wash them with. Some shampoos would leave them itchy and sore for weeks, which eventually would result in an expensive trip to the vet.

By discovering healthier pet foods and safer shampoos we have given Ellie and Oscar the content and happy life that they deserve as well as saving 100's if not 1000's of £'s in potential vet fees.